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What is Matcha?

It’s the “it” drink of the moment, and for a good reason. Matcha is much more than a trendy green beverage for the ‘gram or TikTok.

So, what is Matcha?

Matcha is a particular type of Green Tea traditionally grown in Japan. The green tea used for Matcha is grown in the shade, increasing chlorophyll's content by up to 5x the amount in green tea leaves. This chlorophyll is what gives matcha its vivid bright green colour. Once fully grown, the green tea leaves are harvested and dried before being ground into a fine powder. The process of grinding removes some of the bitterness commonly experienced in Green Tea, which makes it a smooth alternative that still packs a healthy kick. Matcha is filled with antioxidants and nutrients, one of which is I-theanine, an amino acid that helps to regulate the stress hormone cortisol.

What are the main benefits of Matcha?

Matcha has so many benefits, so it’s certainly worth adding to your daily routine. Still, some of the benefits of particular interest to your overall health and well-being are.

  • L-theanine, helps stimulate the alpha brainwaves, which boosts your concentration and energy levels.

  • It keeps your cortisol levels low, helping you to be stress-free but alert

  • Naturally low in sugar and gluten-free

  • It gives your skin a healthy glow thanks to its abundant antioxidants and nutrients.

  • It is the perfect replacement for coffee as it gives you a constant flow of energy without the caffeine crash associated with coffee.

How do you know if the Matcha is good quality?

Because Matcha is so trendy right now, it can be hard to know which to buy and how to spot low-quality matcha from high-quality matcha. The best indicator of high-quality Matcha is the colour. The darker and more vivid the green, the better (but make sure no dyes have been added to the powder to achieve this colour), and the second most important indicator is that the Matcha originates from Japan.

We buy our Matcha from Matcha Union because the quality is truly unmatched, and the company ethos of sustainability speaks to our hearts!

Want to boost your next Matcha latte?


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