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The 2022 Gift Guide

Thomson & Scott Non-Alcoholic Champagne

We love a glass or two of champagne over the holiday season, but if you know someone looking to drink more mindfully or doesn't drink at all, this sparkling, non-alcoholic Champagne will make the perfect gift!

Matcha Union Ceremonial Grade Matcha

We always start our day with a Matcha Tea or Matcha Latte but finding good quality matcha can be a bit of a chore. If you have a matcha lover in your life, then give them the best gift of all, a Matcha Union matcha set!

Yoga Travel Mat by Luviyo

So you have a friend who is always on the move but also loves a bit of yoga. Then this gift is perfect! The Luviyo yoga travel mats are the perfect lightweight, firm-grip, pretty travel mats around!

A book subscription from Bookishly

Do you have a friend that loves to read and is never without a book, or maybe you know someone who wants to read more but doesn't know where to start? This book subscription is thoughtful and comes with delightful little surprises as well!

A Gua Sha Kit

This one is for beauty lovers; if they don't have a Gua Sha in their routine yet, then they are missing out! We love this cute little rose quartz set!

A beautiful aromatherapy candle

You get a candle, you get a candle, everyone gets a candle! We, of course, would be remiss not to include our aromatherapy candles in the seasonal gift list because we think there is nothing more delightful than a cosy evening with a beautiful candle. It compliments all of the gifts we suggested.


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