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How to Manifest when you are a sceptic

Maybe you've heard of Manifesting or the Law of Attraction. Maybe you've read or seen The Secret or come across one of Roxie Nafousi's seminars or books. You might be wondering if it's all a load of rubbish, or curious if there is any scientific backing to what seems like quite an airy fairy way of thinking. (The answer is yes, there is scientific backing to this!)

For thousands of years, people have been using the power of their minds to attain things they want and need. This practice is called "manifesting," and it's as simple as writing down your goals and visualizing yourself achieving them. But what's the science behind this? And how can you use it in your life? In this guide, we'll explain how manifesting works—and how you can use it to achieve your own goals.

So what is manifesting exactly?

Manifesting is a way of using the law of attraction to bring about positive change in your

life. The law of attraction is a universal force that says like attracts like. If you want to

attract something into your life, you must behave as if you already have it and are that thing yourself.

This means that if you want more money, then become more "money-like" by saving,

investing and making wise financial decisions.

If you want better relationships with friends and family members or even strangers on

the street, then become friendlier (or at least less hostile.) If you want to attract a new

job opportunity into your life which could lead to greater career satisfaction, or if you want more happiness for yourself but also for others around you then it's important that once again

you evoke this idea of "becoming more like what we desire" by showing genuine interest

in others' well-being!

Why does it work?

Most people believe that they attract what they think and feel (i.e., "like

attracts like"), but this isn't true. In fact, we create our own reality by attracting what we

think and feel within us. For example, if you're feeling low on energy or stressed out

about something, your thoughts are actually creating an energetic vibration in your body

that will attract other things that feel similar to you: more stress from work or home life;

more money problems; more arguments with family members; etc. On the other hand, if

you're feeling at peace in your heart and mind -and therefore creating an energetic

vibration in your body then this vibration will draw more of what feels peaceful into

your life: calmness during stressful situations at work or home; financial stability after

going through hard times; harmony with loved ones even when arguments occur

between them.

But what is the science behind this idea of "like attracts like"? Dr Tara Swart answers this question brilliantly in her book The Source and breaks down the neuroscience behind manifesting. In essence, if we spend time building neural pathways that lead us towards our desired outcome, our brains will naturally work towards that positive outcome. If we want to lose weight and constantly choose to sit on the couch, our brains will build pathways that lead us to always make the lazy choice, we feel bad, sit on the couch some more and the weight keeps coming on. But when we make the effort to break that pathway and begin to build new ones through creating good habits our brain will begin to build pathways that lead us towards the outcome we wanted (i.e. to lose weight and keep it off).

If you're ready to try the technique. here are some tips:

  • Write down your goals and reasons for wanting to achieve them. Keep these updated and visible at all times. (different experts differ on their views of keeping these goals visible, some say to put them away, some say to keep them within sight, this is a personal choice for you)

  • Write down the steps that you will take to achieve your goals and visualise yourself achieving them in detail as if they were already happening.

  • Visualise yourself completing those steps and enjoying the benefits of achieving your goal.

So, the next time you're feeling stuck and wondering if it's possible to manifest what you

want in life, consider writing down your goals and visualizing yourself achieving them.

Remember that you don't need fancy tools or equipment; all you need is your willingness

to believe in yourself!

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