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How to make a ritual New Moon Bath

The moon is all about unlocking emotional wisdom, the subconscious and soul memory, so when we take a moment to luxuriate in a bath during the New Moon we are helping to bring clarity to our dreams, find our inner world and reflect on things that have passed and are yet to come.

Because the New Moon is all about fresh starts its important that you set your intentions for the next moon cycle. Focus on purifying and recharging and getting rid of things that are no longer serving you or holding you back from your dreams.

The New Moon Ritual is really easy to do, all you need is an aromatherapy candle, salt and if you have one... or a few, crystals.

  1. Prepare your salt - If you have both Epsom salt and pink Himalayan then mix these two together, roughly 1/2 Epsom and 1/4 Himalayan.

  2. Prepare the space. - clear your bathroom of clutter and make it a warm and inviting space, dim the lights. If you have crystals place these around the bath, some people even place them in the water.

  3. Light your candle. - we like to use the Tranquility or Sensual candle, but anything that you find relaxing will work. Light the candle at least ten minutes before you plan to get in the bath so the aroma has time to fill the room.

  4. Add the salt. - Add the salt to your bath and before you get in prepare yourself, think of your intentions for the next moon cycle, what do you want to let go off, and what do you want moving forwards.

  5. Try to meditate. - While you're bathing try to meditate on your intentions, or simply let your mind rest and go clear if you can. If you're able to create strong images in your mind's eye then focus on your deepest (positive) feelings of what you want, envisage your future self moving through the next lunar cycle. This is a great time to get rid of any mental blocks and release the negativity.


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