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How to create a meaningful connection on Valentine's Day

Valentine's day can feel daunting. The pressure is on to get the day, the gifts and the emotions just right, the perfect hallmark card day!

But what about if you took a step back, took the pressure from your shoulders and focused on creating a true connection rather than all the superficial fluff? (not that there's anything wrong with flowers and chocolate!)

If you want to level up your Valentine's day, then give our easy Valentine's tips a try. (ps. They work if you're single or in a relationship!)

  1. Be mindful of your inner dialogue. - Try starting the day with meditation or positive affirmations; we spend so much of our day and life inside our heads, so taking a moment to sit back and reflect on what we want and how we want to talk to ourselves is a truly empowering and positive way to start the day.

  2. Listen... truly listen. - On this day, take the time to truly listen to what the other person is saying. How often do we find ourselves waiting for someone to stop talking so that we can? Instead, be present and attentive; when someone is truly heard, it can make them and feel great!

  3. Try something new. - Instead of the standard dinner date, drinks and... ahem. Instead, try something different today, maybe even something that will take you and your partner out of your comfort zone.

  4. Share the love. - You don't have to shower everyone you meet with hugs and kisses, but greeting the world with a loving and positive attitude (even if it feels a bit forced at first) will take you much further today, and in general, then a negative one would. Why not take a co-worker for coffee, or give someone a genuine compliment? Give your partner coffee in bed or take the rubbish out for them if they're the ones that usually do it. Small gestures are often much more important than large ones.

  5. Plan a romantic evening in. - Whether you're alone or with someone, you can have a romantic evening. Light our Sensual candle, cook up something fresh and light, or order in and dim the lights. Spoil your loved one, or yourself, with time, attentiveness and kindness.


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