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How to choose a non-toxic candle

Which candles are non-toxic?

It's a question that many of us will have on our minds when buying candles, and it's not always a straightforward answer. With the rise of natural products, there has also been an increase in greenwashing, and this muddies the water even further as more and more companies choose to obscure issues with their products through witty marketing rather than genuine work to make their products safer and non-toxic.

So, how do you find a non-toxic candle?

The Wax - The first thing to look out for is the wax used. If it's paraffin, stay away! If it's a blend including paraffin, stay away. Paraffin is a wax that is commonly used because it is cheap, and this allows for candles to be basement prices and increases the profit margin for companies, but it's not good for our environment and is a petrochemical!

Instead, look for candles that use 100% natural wax, coconut, rapeseed and soya! All Yevee Candles are made using 100% pure and natural wax and are vegan!

The Fragrance - Many companies will not reveal their full fragrance list as this is their IP and helps to keep carefully crafted formulations private; however, it is important to note that when buying candles, you should look for ones that are made using 100% natural ingredients and not synthetic fragrances. Look for pure essential oils with no additives, and always check with a company if you are in doubt. Many companies will say they use "real essential oils", but really they mean that they have used maybe one or two in a fragrance blend instead.

All of the Yevee Candles are made using 100% pure essential oils and nothing else.

The Wick - The use of lead in wicks has been banned in many countries, but if a candle is manufactured outside of the countries with these bans on, it can still contain lead. When purchasing a candle, look out for natural 100% cotton wicks that have not been bleached or dyed (unless dyed using natural ingredients) or bamboo wicks that have been sustainably farmed.

All of the Yevee candles use 100% natural cotton wicks.

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