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Modern Aromatherapy for Modern People.

Discover a world beyond the usual, a modern approach to our most human needs - to feel good. At Yevee, we infuse the world of online and offline to create a holistic and unique approach to your well-being.

Our aromatherapy formulas have over 40 years of research and family history; every ingredient we use is of the finest quality,100% natural and vegan.

Our Four Pillars of well-being have been developed to complement your physical well-being moments with online experiences to enhance your self-care, discover the Rituals and uncover higher wellness.



We believe in the power of technology, and we believe in the power of nature. So we combined both to develop a holistic range of products to suit your needs and create a truly modern approach to our well-being.

Our Values


Holistic. We believe in a holistic approach to well-being.

Natural. No nasty chemicals here. We use only the finest ingredients in our products.

Inspiring. Developed to help you feel inspired and at your best because that's when the magic happens!

Multi-dimensional. We know that self-care routines work best when they're combined. That's why we pair the online and offline.

The Founders

We're a couple on a mission to make well-being that works. No gimmicks, no tricks. We've experienced the power of traditional techniques and modern technology combined, we know it works, and we're excited to share this with you and help you unlock a higher level of well-being.

You can follow our co-founder here.



Created to help you achieve ultimate peace, higher levels of relaxation and meditation. The Tranquility Pillar is your go-to when you need to relax deeply. It's perfect for those insomniacs!


We all deserve to feel good, and the Sensuality Pillar has been created for self-love and connection. Perfect for romantic evenings, long baths and journaling.


When you are feeling a little off Balance, dive into the Balance Pillar and get your equilibrium again. Perfect for sound-healing, yoga and meditation.


Developed to help you feel your best, the Energy Pillar is your companion for manifesting, exercising and keeping the midday slump at bay.

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